Micro Loop / Easytube Hair Extensions
100% human hair extension hair.
Name Description Cost
FULL HEAD Using Remy 100% human hair giving length and thickness. From £250
Half Head Using Remy 100% human hair adding just thickness. From £150
Maintenance Recommended every 3 months to keep your hair extensions looking the best! £150
From our work
  • Microring Hair Extensions
Short description

Micro ring hair extensions is the one of the newest application systems around today. The tiny undetectable rings are applied to your hair; the hair extension is then clamped holding it to your normal hair. This method is harmless and has no glue, heat or chemicals.

The micro ring hair extensions last up to 3 months and then need to be repositioned and pushed up as your natural hair grows out. With the micro ring hair extensions you can style your hair as normal, you can wash and blow dry without having to worry about pulling out your extensions.

The removal process is also very simple, clamps are used to open up the rings to remove. It is never recommend to try and remove the rings by your own as this can cause serious issues, we always recommend to only use a trained Lovely Lashes extensionist.

We also sell hair extension products in the shop, please just ask a member of staff for assistance.