Semi Permanent Eyelashes
Get the celebrity look
Name Description Cost
Full Set A Full set of lashes is what you will get! Every single lash will be extended with a lash extension. £70 / 2 hours
Half Set If you don't want lots of lashes but just want a light, natural look then a half set will be the treatment to choose for you. £45 / 1 hour
Infill's To maintain and keep your lashes lovely and full you will require infill’s every 2-3 weeks, this is where your natural lashes grow and therefore taking the false lash with it, also any loose lashes will be removed and replaced. £30 first hour, thereafter £6.50
Removal of Lashes Semi permanent lashes will be professionally removed by one of our trained beautician. £10
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Short description

Semi permanent eyelash extensions emphasise the shape of the eye creating an attractive, stunning captivating effect.  The eyelash extensions can be worn by people of any age as they come in many different curls, thickness and length creating the look you want. They are extremely natural and are applied individually by a qualified eyelash therapist to thicken and lengthen your own lashes.  As the lashes are applied individually the application generally takes two hours for a full set but well worth the wait as when you are handed the mirror to look at your new thicker, fuller lashes we are certain you’ll be back.

You will be given advice on how to look after your new lovely lashes and any questions you have we will be more than happy to answer.